Automated Biochemistry Glucose Lactate Analyzer

M-2000 High Throughput Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Using a new generation of stable immobilized enzyme membrane technology.

Fast and automatically, support 96 well-plate & EP tubes.
Test menu: Glucose, Sucrose, Lactate, Glutamate, Glutamine, Lysine, Glycerol, Ethanol, Methanol, Xylose, pH, NH4+, Na+, K+, Ca++, OSM, etc.

High throughput Bioprocess Biochemistry Analyzer


Shenzhen Sieman Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the rapid analysis of metabolic parameters with more than 10 years of experience. 

We developed and produced an array of high-quality automated biochemistry analyzers, biosensor analyzers, process analysis electrodes. And we have professional sales and technical support services to meet customers’ after-sales requirements.

Our staff are talented and experienced professionals who have developed leading  immobilized enzyme membrane technologies to ensure that our customers receive accurate and reliable test results in a timely manner. Our commitment to quality is unwavering and we will continue to provide the best products and services to our valued customers.

Professional technical personnel
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Terminal customers in China
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High-tech enterprise

High-tech enterprise

Sieman Technology is a certified high-tech enterprise headquartered in China, we have many invention patents and utility model patents.

ISO Quality certification

ISO Quality certification

Through ISO9001 certification, products have quality assurance and standardized production process. Some products have CE/FDA certification to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.

cGMP Validation Services

cGMP Validation Services

We support the three-step validation concept, which consists of consulting services, documentation validation (Including options for IQ/OQ/PQ documentation), and instrument validation.

Accuracy and precision

Accuracy and precision

Our instruments have high precision and stability, and the accuracy and precision of our instruments can be verified at any time using certified standards.


S-10 Semi-Automated biosensor analyzer

Multi-channel and multi-combination detection items can be realized simultaneously. Intelligent operating system, large icon button design, good human-computer interaction experience, perfect system self-test.

Automated Biosensor Analyzer SIEMAN

M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer

It is especially suitable for the cell process that requires frequent detection of the corresponding substance concentration in the fermentation industry. It is fast, stable and cost-effective, and is the first choice for experimenter.

Automated Biochemistry Analyzer For Cell Culture

M-900 Plus Automated bioprocess biochemistry analyzer

Sieman has launched a new generation of automated bioprocess biochemistry analyzer-M-900 Plus. Can measure biochemical and ionic items, optional pre-dilution function. Very suitable for cell culture process development.

M-2000 High Throughput Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

M-2000 High throughput automated biochemistry analyzer

Detect metabolic parameters in microbial strains and cell lines development processes. Auto-dilution, equip with all-in-one reagent kit. Supports 96-well plates & 20 EP cups, process 170 biochemical item samples per hour.

AP-100 automated online special biochemistry analyzer (1)

AP-100 Automated online biochemistry analyzer

Integrated with M-online modules and upgraded software control, it is more suitable for customers who need online sampling to control nutrient concentration.

M-1000 Summarize (1)

M-1000 Bioprocess Biochemistry Analyzer

Optional detection items: Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Glutamine, Glycerol, Methanol/Ethanol, Xylose, Sucrose, Lysine, pH, NH4+, Na+, K+, Ca++, Osm. Optional biochemical and ionic items, optional pre-dilution function.

AB-100 pH sensor Summarize (1)

AB-100 pH Sensor

In the process of biological culture, the monitoring of process parameters is very important.
Stable pH control is very important for the process.

FC Optical Sensor Summarize (1)

FC Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

In the process of biological culture, the monitoring of process parameters is very important.
Stable & timely DO control is very important for the process.



Including reagent, powder, enzyme membrane, etc., as well as the corresponding accessories required for each instruments.


AP-100 Application

M-online Application

M-online Application

Critical process parameters (e.g. glucose, glutamine, lactate, etc.) must be monitored and controlled in each biological process to achieve the ...
Notice of Siemantec's participation

Notice of Siemantec’s participation in the exhibition

The design rendering of the booth Sieman Technologies will participate in the Analytica exhibition to be held in Shanghai on ...


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