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M-1000 Bioprocess Biochemistry Analyzer

Optional detection items: Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Glutamine, Glycerol, Methanol/Ethanol, Xylose, Sucrose, Lysine, pH, NH4+, Na+, K+, Ca++, Osm.


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M-1000 Bioprocess Biochemistry Analyzer Principle


This device is available for detecting the concentration of the test sample by use of the specially designed bio-oxidase membrane electrochemical sensor.

M-1000 Bioprocess biochemistry analyzer could automatically collect samples and import them into the test area. The test substance contained in the sample will undergo an enzymatic hydrolysis reaction under the catalysis of an immobilized bio-oxidase to generate hydrogen peroxide. The concentration of the test substance is calculated by the hydrogen peroxide concentration that is generated in the detection of hydrogen peroxide electrode.

The device can calibrate a standard item with a known concentration, and the voltage value of the standard item is a measure of the concentration of the test substance. The unknown concentration can be obtained through the comparison with the voltage signal of the standard item. The sensor electrodes will be automatically cleaned by the system buffer solution after each measurement is completed, and the next test can be performed after cleaning.

M-1000 Bioprocess Biochemistry Analyzer Purpose

The M-1000 Bioprocess biochemistry analyzer developed by our company is available for the fast and accurate determination of Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Lysine, Ethanol, Methanol, Glutamine, Glycerol, Xylose, Sucrose, pH, NH4+, K+, Na+, Ca2+, etc. Which has a wide range of applications in a number of industries and departments such as food fermentation, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, brewing, feed fermentation, universities, research institutes, disease control centers, and sports.

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M-1000 Bioprocess Biochemistry Analyzer Features

  • 10 test sample positions;
  • Supports up to 4 biochemical items +5 ion items + calculated osmotic pressure;
  • Two biochemical reaction cells support parallel testing to improve test speed;
  • Independent dilution cell with two biochemical reaction cells;
  • Automatic calibration to ensure the accuracy of test results;
  • 1 -inch high-definition capacitive touch screen, adjustable angle;
  • New interface design, more comprehensive and concise and efficient;
  • Sampling needle liquid level detection, the waste liquid with alarm function, the reagent photosensitive detection;
  • Integrated reagent kit with intelligent chip management system, precise control of reagent consumption, intelligent capacity prompt;
  • The external flow path is connected with quick connectors;
  • Built-in scanning module, support consumables information update;
  • Glutamine reagent kit, support the instrument auto configuration;
  • A variety of optional test mode, support original sample mode, dilution mode, intelligent mode, etc.;
  • Software available U disk upgrade;
  • Support U disk data export;
  • Store up to 10,000 sample data and 1,000 calibration data;
  • Store 10000 feeding data, 10000 instrument log data;
  • Can query historical data in the process of sample testing and check the Setting;
  • User management level 4, 1 debugger, 1 administrator, 3 technicians and 11 operators;
  • Can choose the test items of the current sample on the test interface;
  • Test items and test cup positions are selected in abridged general view;
  • Osmotic pressure saved to the database, can query;
  • Support laser printer, thermal printer and stylus printer, independent interface, can be connected at the same time;
  • Connected to the upper computer, support RS232 serial interface and RJ45 network interface;
  • Sieman Lab-Information-System(LIS) computer software is optional, check the instrument data and status, control instrument;
  • With audit trail function, comply with 21-CFR-Part-11 regulation electronic records and digital signature requirements;
  • Optional mobile data acquisition software, check the instrument data and status, remote control instrument.

M-1000 Bioprocess Biochemistry Analyzer Product parameter:

Item Test range Precision, CV Remark
Glucose 0.3~9 g/L 2% Resolution 0.1g/L
0.05~1 g/L 2% Resolution 0.01g/L
Lactate 0.03~2 g/L 2%
Glutamate 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Glutamine 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Lysine 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Ethanol 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Methanol 0.03~0.5 g/L 2%
Glycerol 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Xylose 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Sucrose 0.03~1 g/L 2% Auto Calibration
pH 6.50~8.00 0.01
NH4+ 2.0~30.0mmol/L 2%
Na+ 60.0~200.0mmol/L 2%
K+ 0.5~15.0mmol/L 2%
Ca++ 0.1~5.0mmol/L 2%
Optional dilution module for automatic dilution 10-30 times


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