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M-2000 High throughput automated biochemistry analyzer

Auto-dilution, support 96-well plates and 20 EP tubes, M-2000 High throughput automated biochemistry analyzer is a good choice.


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 More economical and faster, easier, high accuracy and high throughput!

Test menu: Glucose, Sucrose, Lactate, Glutamine, Glutamate, Lysine, Ethanol, Methanol, Glycerol, Xylose, pH, NH4+, K+, Na+, Ca2+, Osm, etc.

*Auto-dilution, can used with online sampler. Supports 96-well plates and 20 EP tubes, biochemical item can process 170 samples per hour.

M 2000 High Throughput Automated Biochemistry Analyzer 2 1


According to the screening process of microbial strains and cell lines in biopharmaceutical, Sieman has launched M-2000 High throughput automated biochemistry analyzer.
M-2000 High throughput automated biochemistry analyzer has an integrated kit, plug and play, full automation degree.




M-2000 High throughput automated biochemistry analyzer Features
  • Faster detection speed. Biochemical item can process 170 samples per hour;
  • It supports 96-well plates and 20 EP tubes, automatic system identification;
  • Patented flow technology, buffer and washing solution are connected by quick connector;
  • Automatic injection, automatic calibration, consumable control function;
  • 12.1 inch high-definition capacitive touch color screen, 90° adjustable, instrument built-in automatic switch LED observation light;
  • Better detection performance than enzyme colorimetric technology (no interference by background color), CV≤2%;
  • Low sample demand design, test all items minimum requirement 300uL;
  • Daily automatic maintenance function, built-in scanning module, support consumable information update;
  • Multi-function menu, multi-user login to meet the authentication requirements, MCU main control software can be upgraded;
  • It can be used in the cultivation process of mammalian cells, bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae and so on. It supports the expansion of modules and can measure 8 enzyme items +5 ion items at the same time;
  • Can be automatic dilution, independent dilution cell, automatic detection, real unattended analysis, can be used with online sampler;12.Support 3Q certification;
  • The number of automatic repeated tests can be set to provide more reliable test data. Storage sample data ≤10000, calibration data ≤1000;
  • It supports RS232 and RJ45 communication interfaces, support HP laser printer, thermal printer and needle printer;
  • Test data, calibration data can be exported by U disk.
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After reagent and sample are placed, click the “Test” icon in the main menu interface, and then click the cup where the sample is located, the instrument will automatically calibrate and complete the test.

The principle of ion selective electrode testing is based on Nernst equation, so the sample solution must have some ions Strength (cationic > 100mmol/L and anion > 100mmol/L) is required for testing. So sample treatment is divided into two scenarios.

1) Cell culture medium: Since the cell culture medium itself has sufficient ionic strength, it can be directly tested without pre-treatment.

2) Aqueous solutions that cannot meet the requirements of ionic strength:

a: First prepare a solution of 16g/L sodium chloride (which cannot be replaced by other substances) for use.

b: Mix the sample to be tested with the sodium chloride solution prepared in step a at a volume ratio of 1:1 to obtain a mixture with sufficient ionic strength

sample solution.

c: Multiply the result obtained by machine test of the sample solution by 2 to obtain the actual ion concentration of the sample.

M-2000 High Throughput Automated Biochemistry Analyzer 1

Accuracy of Glucose concentration in cell medium

Number of samples The average number test results  mg/dl SD % CV
50 68 1.36 2
50 189.6 3.41 1.8
50 265.7 5.05 1.9
50 351.2 5.27 1.5
50 501.8 10.04 2
50 619.6 12.39 2
The M-2000 High Throughput Automated Biochemical Analyzer is an upgraded version of the M-900 plus, with higher throughput, more measurable parameters, faster speed, more convenient operating interface, and lower cost.


M-2000 High Throughput Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Specifications
Test principle Enzyme electrode method
Electrode Single replaceable electrode
Sample holder 96-well plate or 20 EP cups holder
Measuring range Glucose(Article number: C1001): 0.3~9 g/L

Glucose(Article number: G1001): 0.05~1 g/L 

Glutamine: 0.03~1 g/L

Glycerin: 0.03~1 g/L

Xylose: 0.03~1 g/L

Lactate: 0.03~2 g/L

Glutamate: 0.03~1 g/L

Lysine: 0.03~1 g/L

Methanol: 0.03~0.5 g/L

Ethanol: 0.03~1 g/L

The machine with pre-dilution function can expand the above test range by 10 to 30 times.

NH4+2~30mmol/L,  Na+60~200mmol/L,

K+: 0.5~15mmol/L, Ca2+0.1~5mmol/L, pH: 6~8

Resolution 0.01g/L; 0.01mmol/L
Precision (CV%) <2%
Enzyme membrane life Glucose: ≤30 days, Lactate:≤30days, Glutamate: ≤30 days,

Lysine: ≤30 days, Ethanol / methanol: 10 days,

Glutamine: ≤15days, Glycerin: 15 days, Xylose15 days,

NH4+ electrode: ≥4 months, Na+ electrode: ≥6 months,

K+ electrode: ≥6 months, Ca2+ electrode: ≥6 months,

pH electrode: ≥4 months

Ambient temperature 10~35°C
Relative humidity ≤85% (no condensation water)
External dimension 600×420×465 mm
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz, separate three-hole socket with good grounding
Power 100VA
Weight 48kg
Screen 12.1-inch color touch screen

*Automatic injection and detection, automatic dilution, support online sampling control function



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