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S-10 Biosensor analyzer

S-10 Biosensor analyzer—Multi-channel combination, intelligent operating system, can achieve multiple detection at the same time.


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Economical & accurate, fast, high precision & durable


Test menu: Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Lysine, Ethanol, Methanol, etc.

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The S-10 Biosensor analyzer is Sieman’s first generation product. Its cost performance is very high.
Multi-channel and multi-combination detection items can be realized simultaneously.
Intelligent operating system, large icon button design, good human-computer interaction experience, perfect system self-test.


S-10 Biosensor analyzer features
  • Fast analysis speed for only 20 seconds
  • Simple sample preparation and test operation
  • High sensitivity and accurate results
  • Extremely reliable control system
  • Data traceability
  • Reliable performance and quality due to independent core technologies based on more than 20 years of manufacturing experience
  • Visual and intuitive operation interface, 8-inch color touch screen human-computer interaction
  • Test results being reviewed, printed and transmitted in real time
  • External reagent in low cost and easy operation
  • Professional after-sales service, mainframe warranty for one year, fast response for 2 hours maintenance, 7x24h after-sales guarantee
  • S 10 1
Visual and intuitive operation interface

S-10 Semi-Automated Biosensor Analyzer (1) S-10 Semi-Automated Biosensor Analyzer (4) S-10 Semi-Automated Biosensor Analyzer (3) S-10 Semi-Automated Biosensor Analyzer (2)


The S-10 Biosensor analyzer and its consumables provides customers with fast, accurate and highly accurate measurement results, while also providing customers with significant cost savings.


S-10 Biosensor analyzer specifications
Test principle Enzyme electrode method
Electrode Rod electrode
Measuring range Glucose: 0.03~1 g/L, Lactate: 0.03~1 g/L, Glutamate: 0.03~1 g/L,
Lysine: 0.03~1 g/L, Methanol: 0.03~0.5 g/L, Ethanol: 0.03~1 g/L
Resolution 0.01g/L
Precision (CV%) <2%
Enzyme membrane life  Glucose: ≤30 days, Lactate: ≤30 days, Glutamate: ≤30 days,
Lysine: ≤30 days, Ethanol / methanol: 5-10 days
Ambient temperature 10~35°C
Relative humidity ≤85% (No condensation water)
External dimension 480×320×210 mm
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz, separate three-hole socket with good grounding
Power <100VA
Weight 9kg
Screen 8-inch color touch screen

*Manual injection, may require dilution



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