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M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer

M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer is especially suitable for the detection of the corresponding substance concentration during cell culture.


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Fully automated, very accurate, economical and fast, more convenient!

M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer available for the fast and accurate determination of:

-Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Lysine, Ethanol, Methanol, Glutamine, Glycerin, Xylose, Sucrose, etc.

*Different language versions are available

It is especially suitable for the process that requires frequent detection of the corresponding substance concentration in the fermentation industry.
M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer is very fast, stable and cost-effective, many customers have bought and used them for more than 3 years, it is the first choice for mammalian cell or hybridoma cell culture process development.




This device is available for detecting the concentration of the test sample by use of the specially designed bio-oxidase membrane electrochemical sensor.

M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer could automatically collect samples and import them into the test area. The test substance contained in the sample will undergo an enzymatic hydrolysis reaction under the catalysis of an immobilized bio-oxidase to generate hydrogen peroxide. The concentration of the test substance is calculated by the hydrogen peroxide concentration that is generated in the detection of hydrogen peroxide electrode.

The device can calibrate a standard item with a known concentration, and the voltage value of the standard item is a measure of the concentration of the test substance. The unknown concentration can be obtained through the comparison with the voltage signal of the standard item. The sensor electrodes will be automatically cleaned by the system buffer solution after each measurement is completed, and the next test can be performed after cleaning.


M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer Features

  • Faster detection speed, reaction time only 20 seconds;
  • Independent research and development of immobilized enzyme membrane technology, longer life, lower detection cost;
  • Automatic sampling, automatic calibration, reduce human error;
  • Electrochemical detection principle, strong anti-interference ability, not by fermentation liquid background color interference;
  • Multi-function menu, man-machine interactive operation, multi-user login to meet authentication requirements;
  • Supports 3Q authentication;
  • You can set the automatic repeated detection times to provide more reliable detection data;
  • Test data, calibration data is exported by one key;
  • 15 samples can be processed at one time to meet the requirements of experimental design in process optimization stage.            M 100 1
  • After placing the standards and samples, first click the “Test” icon in the main menu interface, and then click the cup number where the sample is located. The instrument will automatically perform calibration and complete the test.
  • M 100 1 1


M-100 Automated biosensor analyzer Specifications

Test principle Enzyme electrode method
Electrode Rod electrode
Measuring range Glucose(G1001): 0.05~g/L

Glucose(C1001): 0.3~9 g/L

Lactate: 0.03~2 g/L

Glutamate: 0.03~1 g/L 

Lysine: 0.03~1 g/L

Methanol: 0.03~0.5 g/L

Ethanol: 0.03~1 g/L

Xylose:0.03~1 g/L

Glycerin:0.03~1 g/L

Glutamine:0.03~1 g/L

Resolution 0.01g/L
Precision (CV%) <2%
Enzyme membrane life Glucose: 30 days, Lactate: 30 days, Glutamate: 30 days,

Lysine: 30 days, Ethanol / methanol: 10 days, Xylose: ≤15days,

Glycerin: ≤15days, Glutamine:≤15 days

Ambient temperature 10~35°C
Relative humidity ≤85% (no condensation water)
External dimension 480×320×210 mm
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz, separate three-hole socket with good grounding
Power 100VA
Weight 9kg
Screen 8-inch color touch screen

*Automatic injection and detection

Examples—Different units can be selected for testing

Test items: Glucose
Detection range: Glucose: 0-9g/L(0-50mmol/L)

M-100 Automated Biosensor Analyzer 02

Test items: Lysine
1. Pre-treatment: taking advantage of the property that lysine hydrochloride is easily soluble in water (40g/ml,35℃), 1.00g of 98% commercially available feed grade L-lysine hydrochloride sample was taken and fully dissolved, with a constant volume of 100mL, and then tested on the machine
2. Results

Brand 1 2 3 4
Lysine analyzer, % 98.88 98.92 98.85 98.99
HPLC,% 98.63 98.89 98.52 98.68
Perchloric acid titration, % 98.96 98.82 99.11 98.71




M-100 Automated Biosensor Analyzer04


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