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AP100 Online biochemistry analyzer

AP100 Online biochemistry analyzer makes online sampling control of biological fermentation more easier.


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AP100 Online biochemistry analyzer

Full automation, ultra-high accuracy!

Multiple bioreactors were sampled online and analyzed!



By integrating the M-online module and upgrading the optimization control software, Sieman Technologies has launched AP-100 Automated Online Biochemistry Analyzer, a biochemical analysis system for online sampling and control of feed concentration. It is no longer difficult to make biological fermentation on-line sampling control.


This software can On-line analysis and control of biochemical parameters including:

-Glucose, Glutamine, Lactate, Lysine, Methanol/Ethanol, Glycerin, Sucrose, Xylose, Glutamate, NH4+, K+, Na+, Ca++, pH, Osm, etc.


Reduce the manual operation of the fermentation process, and realize the fine control of fermentation and culture.

After real time automatic sampling, the bioreactor can be automatically fed in real time.


AP100 Online biochemistry analyzer test

Here is a video of the operation of the AP-100 online analyzer:


AP100 Online Biochemistry Analyzer Application Scope

  1. Provide reliable and stable process analysis data for the development and production of recombinant proteins, and control the feeding concentration
  2. Monitor nutrient depletion of the medium and accumulation of metabolic wastes during cell culture
  3. Glucose metabolism rate was detected in adherent culture to indirectly reflect cell growth
  4. Accurately control the timing of medium replacement to ensure the reproducibility of experimental results
  5. Determine the key control points of the process

AP100 Online Biochemistry Analyzer Features

  • It can collect biochemical (carbon and nitrogen source) parameters in the process of biological culture in near real time, so as to realize multi-perspective monitoring and analysis of the whole biological culture process
  • The specificity of enzyme electrode method to the substrate ensures that it can be developed from laboratory research and development to large-scale cGMP manufacturing
  • Fully closed sterile sampling system is still safe and reliable after thousands of times of verification
  • A single instrument can sample four reactors at the same time
  • The sampling probe is PG13.5 or ingold interface, suitable for various stainless steel, glass reactors and disposable reactors
  • General 4-20mA analog signal output, can be connected to the local automation control system (such as DCS system)
  • According to customer requirements, 1~5 projects can be selected to monitor at the same time
  • LIS data acquisition and control software can be selected to realize various fed-material culture strategies such as constant concentration, stepwise concentration and time-phased concentration culture

Analysis of Glucose item detection data during fermentation

Off-line test date g/L 12.15 9.51 10.6 4.7 8.39 9.97 9.58 3.99 8.11
On-line test date g/L 12.29 9.85 10.51 4.6 8.28 10.66 9.82 4.1 8

AP100 Online Special Biochemistry Analyzer Specifications

Item name Optimum analysis range Precision,CV Remark
Glucose 0.3~9 g/L 2% Resolution 0.1 g/L
0.05~1 g/L 2% Resolution 0.01 g/L
Lactate   /    Sucrose 0.03~2 g/L 2%
Glutamate 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Glutamine 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Lysine 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Ethanol 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Methanol 0.03~0.5 g/L 2%
Glycerol 0.03~1 g/L 2%
Xylose 0.03~1 g/L 2%
pH 6.00-8.00 0.01 Automatic Calibration
NH4+ 2.0~30.0 mmol/L 2%
Na+ 60.0~200.0 mmol/L 2%
K+ 0.5~15.0 mmol/L 2%
Ca2+ 0.1~5.0 mmol/L 2%
Optional dilution module to achieve 10-30 times dilution of online sampling samples.
Single sampling Volume <5mL
Sampling Interval >15min
Sampling probe Interface PG13.5 or ingold thread
Sampling probe Length 120/225/310/325mm
Filter membrane pore size 0.2-20um

AP100 Online Biochemistry Analyzer is an updated version of M-online analyzer, which can solve the problem of closed loop control of your bio-culture process development.


Through the automatic control of ceramic membrane sampling rod sampling(Choose not to install ceramic membrane, direct sampling, also will not cause contamination), accurate detection on the analyzer, the results are fed back to the feed pump, automatic calculation of feed speed and volume.



You can use it for a range of concentration controls, such as controlling glucose concentration in multiple bioreactors in CHO culture, glutamine concentration in hybridoma cells, glycerol concentration in yeast culture, and so on. The AP100 analyzer can sample up to four bioreactors online simultaneously, giving you more precise process control.



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