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M-online Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Monitor and control nutrients and metabolites online, choose M-online Automated biochemistry analyzer.


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Fully automatic, high accuracy, easy to use!

In order to monitor and control nutrients and metabolites online in the process of cell culture, Siemantec has launched M-online automated Biochemistry Analyzer, an online analyzer that can sample and analyze online, and the measurement results are used to calculate the nutrient consumption rate and control the flow acceleration rate of feeding.


It has a automated dilution mode, and can detect and control parameters like:

-Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Lysine, Ethanol, Methanol, Glutamine, Glycerol, Sucrose, Xylose, pH, Ammonium ion, Potassium ion, Sodium ion, Calcium ion, OSM, etc

The immobilized enzyme membrane biosensor and ion-selective electrode were used to detect the concentration of the sample. An oxidase corresponding to the substrate to be tested is fixed in the enzyme membrane to catalyze the substrate to produce hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is measured by the hydrogen peroxide electrode, and the concentration of the substrate to be tested is calculated by the hydrogen peroxide concentration.

Ion-selective electrode is a kind of electrochemical sensor, which can convert the activity change of ion in solution into potential change. The logarithm of ion activity in solution has a linear relationship with electrode potential. An “ion-selective electrode” means that the sensor is only sensitive to specific ions. For example, ammonium electrode is only sensitive to ammonium ion in solution, not to potassium and other ions.

The reference electrode is used to provide a reference potential. The measuring electrode and the reference electrode form the measuring circuit of the whole instrument. The instrument automatically collects sterile samples from the biological culture tank and introduces them to the test area.

The substance contained in the sample produces an electrical signal at a specific electrode. The instrument calculates the concentration of the object to be measured by collecting electrical signals from the electrodes. Before sampling, the instrument scales a standard with a known concentration. The voltage value of the standard is a measure of the concentration of the substance to be measured. The unknown concentration can be obtained by comparing it with the electrical signal of the standard. After each measurement, the instrument will automatically clean each electrode, and the next test can be carried out after the cleaning is completed.

M-online Automated Biochemistry Analyzer has a feeding module, after measuring the concentration of the specified parameters, the feeding module automatically and accurately executes the feeding according to the user-set concentration value. Ensure that the concentration of the specified parameter is continuously maintained at the set value, thus achieving a fully automatic closed loop control.

M-online Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Automatic sampling system (M-SAMPLE)

M-online Automated Biochemistry Analyzer 1

  • It can automatically sample fermentation liquid in the bioreactor;
  • Sampling frequency and sampling quantity can be set.
  • The sampling rate was 2-10 mL /min, and the sample volume was 0.5-5 mL;
  • The sampling system can be sterilized at high temperature (125 ℃, 45 min), and the system can meet the requirements of asepsis control;
  • The sampling system has its own flow pump, which can communicate with the detection system to achieve online feedback control and support a
    variety of flow mode Settings. Flow pump with on-line metering function.
  • 2 kinds of sampling probes, standard interface for mechanical stirring type and glass reactor.
  • According to customer requirements, design the most reasonable pipeline structure, perfect connection between samples and biochemical analyzer.

M-online Automated Biochemistry Analyzer 2 M-online Automated Biochemistry Analyzer 3

Multi-channel automatic sampler Quantitative module Feeding pump
Multi-channel automatic sampler Quantitative module Feeding pump

1~5 items can be customized according to customer requirements: Glucose, Xylose, Glycerin, Ethanol, Ammonium ion, Glutamine, Lactate, Glutamate, Lysine, Sodium, Calcium ion etc. can be arbitrarily combined. Osmolality can also be calculated.

Detection range can be extended by 30 times.

*About M-online automated Biochemistry Analyzer, it’s an updated version of the M-900 analyzer, with a dilution function and online sampling and concentration control module, more details refer to M-900 plus biochemistry analyzer!



M-online Automated Biochemistry Analyzer 4



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