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G-100 Blood Gas Analyzer

The G-100 blood gas analyzer developed by our company can quickly and accurately measure pH, pO2, pCO2 and ion parameters.


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Test menu: pH, pCO2, pO2, NH4+, K+, Na+, Ca++.


The G-100 blood gas analyzer developed by our company can quickly and accurately measure pH, pO2, pCO2 and ion parameters.
The pH value has temperature compensation and the accuracy is very good. 

G-100 blood gas analyzer is widely used and has been successfully applied to biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and other departments.


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G-100 Blood Gas Analyzer Feature
  •  The world’s only blood gas analyzer that can measure ammonium ions;
  • Integrated calibration pack without refrigeration, no additional cylinder gas calibration required;
  • Independent cleaning and waste liquid collection pack, until used up, no waste, the lowest cost, easy to achieve zero maintenance;
  • 12.1 inch color LCD touch screen, graphical interface design;
  • Provide the original blood gas quality control solution, you can choose automatic quality control function to ensure the accuracy of the test;
  • Various injection modes are available: capillary, syringe, EP tube, test tube, etc.
  • Low sample volume design, the whole project only needs 120uL;
  • Faster detection speed, the whole project can produce results in only 60 seconds after sampling;
  • Built-in CCD barcode scanner, support one and two dimensional barcode, can read sample barcode or reagent barcode;
  • Built-in high-speed thermal printer, convenient and fast;
  • Patented flow path technology, segmented gas-liquid flushing, refusing to block;
  • Multi-function menu, man-machine interactive operation, multi-user login to meet authentication requirements;
  • A multi-purpose machine, can be used for mammalian cells, bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae and other culture fluid;
  • Support 3Q certification;
  • Support USB, RS232, RJ45 communication, can achieve centralized data management, traceability;
  • One-click export of test data and calibration data.


G-100 Blood Gas Analyzer-Product application range

1. Provide reliable and stable process analysis data for the development and production of recombinant protein;

2. Monitoring the changes of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the culture medium during cell culture;

3. Indirectly calibrate the accuracy of online pH, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide electrodes;

4. Monitoring the utilization efficiency of carbon dioxide in the process of autotrophic cell culture;

5. Determine the critical control points of the process;

6. Check the carbon dioxide control in the production process of beer and beverage.


G-100 Blood Gas Analyzer-Performance verification
1. Accuracy verification

Verify the accuracy data of the blood gas analyzer using a certified third-party quality control solution at a known concentration. Under normal conditions, the analyzer is calibrated first according to the test procedure, and then the quality control liquid is continuously measured for 5 times, respectively to obtain the mean value of each analytical element in the quality control liquid, and calculate the deviation between the determination value of each analytical element and the reference value of the quality control liquid.

Item QC liquid reference value Instrument measured mean value Deviation
pCO2 (mmHg) 40 40.5 +0.5
pO2 (mmHg) 100 99.4 -0.6
Na+ (mmol/L) 140.0 141.2 +1.2
K+ (mmol/L) 3.90 3.87 -0.03
Ca++ (mmol/L) 1.10 1.12 +0.02
NH4+ (mmol/L) 28.0 28.2 +0.2
2. Accuracy verification

Precision of standard liquid test instrument from Sieman Technology. Under normal conditions, the analyzer was calibrated first according to the conventional test procedure, and then the standard liquid was measured for 10 consecutive times, and the mean value, standard deviation and CV of each analytical element were obtained respectively.

Item Mean value SD CV
pCO2 (mmHg) 35.2 0.37 1.05%
pO2 (mmHg) 149.3 0.72 0.48%
Na+ (mmol/L) 151.6 0.48 0.32%
K+ (mmol/L) 4.06 0.03 0.65%
Ca++ (mmol/L) 1.26 0.01 0.98%
NH4+ (mmol/L) 5.60 0.03 0.64%

G-100 Blood Gas Analyzer Specifications


Principle  Electrode method
Electrode Single replaceable electrode
Measuring range pCO2 : 5~150 mmHg, pO2 : 0~760 mmHg, Na+ 60~200 mmol/L, K+ 0.5~15 mmol/L,

Ca++: 0.3~5mmol/L,NH4+: 2~30mmol/L, pH:6.5~8.5

Glucose: 0.5~7g/L,  Lactate: 0.05~1.5g/L

Resolution 1 mm Hg; 0.1 mmol/L; 0.01
Precision (CV%) 2 %
Warranty period CO2 electrode: ≥6 months, O2  electrode: 6 months, K+ electrode: ≥6 months, Ca++ electrode: ≥6 months, 

pH electrode : ≥6 months, Reference electrode : 6 months; Glucose /Lactate  electrode : 6 months

Aspect 370x320x520 mm
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz, independent three-hole socket, well grounded
Energy consumption 100VA
Weight 22  kg
Screen 10 inch color touch screen

* Manual injection, automatic detection



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